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Ways To Avoid Being Burned By Hidden Terms In Your Lease

6/08/2017 02:17:00 pm

Ways To Avoid Being Burned By Hidden Terms In Your Lease

It is common for tenants to rush through or not read at all the lease agreement before signing. And if you read through, it is still possible to miss some of the fine details. As you start your hunt for your very own studio apartment for rent in KL or any other rental house, put in mind that you will have to devote some uninterrupted time studying the contents of the lease agreement. they are more like the house rules your parents imposed on you while growing up but kicked up a few clicks.

You have to abide by all the tenancy rules, or else you will face serious consequences. You could get kicked out since you signed a binding legal document baked by the laws. To avoid getting burned by these lease terms, here are seven tips to help you out to be safe from getting burned by the little terms in your lease agreement.

1. Get to know who pays the utility bills

With every rental apartment, there are different terms and policies. You may have paid an all-inclusive rent that covers the utilities and may assume that everywhere you go, it will be the same policy. In most cases, gas, electricity, water, and Internet are not included as part of the rent. And since they can constitute a significant proportion of the overall monthly house budget, it is crucial that you ask who will cover these before signing any lease agreement.

Get to know what your responsibilities are beforehand. You may find out more about the utility best practices from this article.

2. Pay your rent on time

Paying rent is as important as paying your taxes hence the need to pay it on time to avoid getting into trouble with the landlord. Some lease agreements have a fine line that gives the owner the power to give you an eviction notice if you are late in paying rent, even if it is only by one day. And even if you don’t get evicted, your relationship with the landlord will have been strained.

In most case, rent is due on the first of each month, but late payment fees only begin to accrue from the fifth. Some landlords set the late payment charges as high as 25% of the monthly rent and most states don’t limit this fee allowing the landlord free rein to milk you for this mistake.

3. Consult before subletting

You may have acquired a lovely studio apartment and desires to sublet it to get help paying the rent. Without obtaining written consent from the landlord, you may land in trouble with your lease agreement since universally, landlords don’t allow subletting.

At the time of signing the contract, you should request a clause to be included to leave room in case you want to sublease in the future. And if the landlord ultimately refuses your request, just forget about the idea since it will be considered a violation of your terms of tenancy.

4. Always give a proper notice as per the lease agreement

You may wrongly assume that when your term ends, the lease automatically lapses. Read the fine line of your contract to be sure what is required. If it ends automatically, then there is no problem, but if it states that you must give notice of vacation to the landlord, you must do it appropriately or else you may have to forfeit your rent deposit.

In most case, a full month’s notice is required in writing. Failure to do this may renew your lease automatically hooking you for the next month’s rent. Since terms vary depending on the state, it is prudent to read through the terms.

5. Have a limit as to how long guests stay

Some lease agreements state how long you can let guest stay. It is good to read every clause since some landlords limit how long a guest can stay. Staying for long will let the landlord assume the guest stays at your place. All leases are different, and whatever freedoms you may have had in your previous residence may not be available in the new place.

Failing to adhere to the regulations may endanger your tenancy especially if you have a strict landlord. Read the lease language carefully and understand every aspect and if you don’t, just ask for clarification before signing. You can be evicted for having an unauthorized occupant who could be your spouse or a relative.

6. Don’t alter anything in the house

Even if you dislike the bedroom wall color, don’t repaint it. It may also be too hot in the summer; however, installing a window AC may land you into trouble with your lease terms. Some leases don’t even allow for thumbtacks so using them can cause you to be fined or worse, evicted from your lovely studio apartment.

The landlord can charge your security deposit account for the cost of this repair. It is crucial that you get written permission from the owner before making any alteration no matter how trivial. Any additional equipment like an AC can add to your utility bills or the landlord if the utilities are included in the rent.

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